Hum Saath Hai

Hum saath hai is  a purely social Enterprise initiated by group of Enthusiastic Physiotherapists from Govt. Homeopathic Hospital  Bhopal in association with DBL social welfare association working since past one year to train, counsel, sensitize and aware family members of Paralytic Warriors through our Free helpline no. 7089189189

It is a non-Profit Organization dedicated to reduce People’s sufferings  from devastating effects  of Paralysis, Which cripples and Kills the whole mankind irrespective of Age, Gender, Race, region and religion.

Paralysis or any other chronic diseases causes a huge discomfort to family in terms of Economic, Psychological, Social and many other webs of Problem.

The Bodily suffering of Patient enhances once the Psychological suffering of family increases.

In the recovery process of paralytic Patients, the Participation of family is very Crucial.  

Hum saath hai was  Formed  with this vision to uplift the quality of life of Paralytic Warriors with assistance from family members.

We are Spreading awareness about Prevention and management of after effects of Paralysis through our Social Media Handle Facebook , Twitter, Instagram page Hum Saath Hai.

As a medical Professional ,its our Key responsibility to train family members and caretaker about the major difficulties and solutions for them.


Hum saath hai is heading forward with a motive to rehabilitate paralytic survivors in all aspects of life.


We are covering underprivileged areas in and around Bhopal to aware the masses regarding the needs of paralytic warriors .

We Provide free Neuro physiotherapy by Our Expert team and Free Food and Free  Lodging  Facilities as per Govt. Norms.

We Screen the paralytic Patients then do a detailed assessment in the Various aspects of life to plan their Short term and Long term goals as well as their Home based activities to enhance their Functional Ability.

Past Work

We started our Journey with 6 Days workshop for Paralytic survivors and their family members to train them in different aspects after Paralysis in Physio dept. of GHMC from 28.1.19 to 2.2.2019.

We have published a Paralytic Guide  for survivors covering various Topics after Paralysis like Hygiene , Psychological aspect, Functional activities at home, complications  and its prevention and feedback from Family members .

We made our Helpline number 7089189189  Public through a Press conference covering all Media channels and Print media  on 2 nd July 2019.

We started screening people through our camps in and around  the underprivileged areas of Bhopal.

We have conducted 14 camps as for now , 1 clinical meet for  eminent physicians and surgeons of Bhopal , and attended the first health expo 2.0 of Bhopal .

Three of these camps have been felicitated by the Collectorate office and district Hospital .

We started recording the digital assessments through a software Physiodesk for better maintenance of Data record.

We have been awarded “Start up “ award by AISECT-RNTU on 18.4.2019, and got Award for Valuable contribution in the field of Medicine  by Bansal News.

We are privileged to get the award for exceptional work and outstanding contribution and service in social sector by  Mahima bahuudeshhiya samajik sansthan , Nagpur , Maharashtra on 15 th march 2020 .

We  have screened more than 1000 patients and till date we have registered 357 cases through our helpline number .

Now we have extended our peripheral branches in different under privileged areas . One branch is operating from abhinav kakda homes , ayodhya bypass covering the slums and nearby areas of minal .


There is life - and hope - after Paralysis.

With time ,new routines will become second nature.

Rehabilitation can build  strength, capability and confidence.

It's important to make informed decisions about rehab quickly, which can be overwhelming.

The best results can only be achieved through the combined efforts of family, team of health care professionals and of course the person with Paralysis.

Our vision is “ To motivate Patients Towards Recovery”

Hum Saath Hai is  working towards a social cause , i. e to make all the paralytic warriors independent in all the aspects of life and at the same time strengthening the family members by continuous counselling and training  them for the same purpose .

[  ] We target specific concerns for each and every patient and plan

[  ] according to his own issue for example for someone maintenance of hygiene after paralysis would be difficult and for someone psychological issues would be a dominant problem  Therefore at hum Saath Hai each and every paralytic survivor is different from each other yet same as two person going through the same problems may understand each other , so we promote group activities among paralytic warriors like group sports ,  And group exercises to strengthen them in their comfortable environment .

 We always make sure to take into consideration the view or family member about the need of rehabilitation as to in what aspects they need help the most . We also make sure to counsel the family regarding the exact cause of the problem , what can be the possible solutions , and if the problem doesn't have a solution for now , what are the effective ways to manage it .


 Every stroke is unique , but strokes tend to affect people in common ways .